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best oklahoma wedding photos

Our Best Oklahoma Wedding Photos Of 2017

So every year I try to look back to reflect over all the new people we have been luck enough to meet & places we have been lucky enough to travel to. I like to take a post to remember some my favorites of the year, my picks for our Best Oklahoma Wedding Photos of 2017. I say MY picks because my favorites are not even close to Samantha’s favorites. If she made a list it would look completely different. It’s so strange that after ten years of being Oklahoma wedding photographers together most of our clients can’t tell what photos I took & what photos she took. We styles are very similar but what we personally enjoy is so vastly different. It’s kind of funny to me.

We are both so grateful to be living our dream still at the level we are after this many years of doing Oklahoma wedding photography. So many couples have come to us & we are still such great friends with so many of them. That in itself makes these pictures even more special. They aren’t just weddings to us, they are our memories too. I’ve often told my brides that our goal is for your wedding photos to be what you want them to be because you will be the one looking back on them in 20 years but after 10 years of doing this job I’m realizing that thats so untrue. We recently did a family session for one of the first weddings we ever did. They have a little one know & it just means the world to us that they continue to come back to us year after year. So many of the families we photograph are past wedding clients. As I reflect on our best Oklahoma wedding photos of 2017 it makes me smile because each one of them elicits a memory or a feeling & thats what I try to do for our clients but I’ve ended up doing it for myself too. I hope you had a great new year! 2018 if going to be a great one.

For these I picked mostly ceremony or bride and groom photographs because I’m a sucker for a good fun candid wedding reception photo. If I would have included reception photos this post would have been about 450 images long, we did about 27 wedding this year so there are a lot to pull from. So here ya go; My picks for our Best Oklahoma Wedding Photos of 2017.

Best Oklahoma Wedding Photos Of 2017

best oklahoma wedding photos

The bride takes time during the wedding ceremony to wash the grooms feet.

best oklahoma wedding photos

Some spontaneous dancing on a rooftop downtown OKC

best oklahoma wedding photos

This is one of my favorite times from a wedding. The walk away! The first happiest moment of the rest of their lives.

best oklahoma wedding photos

There is just something about the Gaylord Pickens Museum. Her dress with the steps…perfection.

best oklahoma wedding photos

Samantha took this of Sparrow Ranch in Stillwater & I just love the way the venue is peeking through the trees at us.

best oklahoma wedding photos

The colors she picked along with the just perfect lighting at Barn At The Woods makes this picture just stand out to me.

oklahoma wedding photography southwind hills

A lot of times I take the safe shot of everyone smiling & looking then about 10 seconds after that when someone says something inappropriate or someone gets a smack on the butt THATS when you get the real photo, the real smiles

wedding reception southwind hills

Okay I couldn’t resist this reception shot. Its just so Sinatra to me! Classic

best oklahoma wedding photos

Again that happy walk away. I love photographing the first few seconds of the rest of someones life.

thomas samantha hibben

So not a wedding photo but probably my favorite image of the year. At the time we took this standing in Estes Park Colorado we had no idea our house would burn down. We had no idea we would be pregnant soon. Good times & bad we are in it till the wheels fall off, together forever. She is my best friend, business partner, hired goon, & love of my life.

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