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A Chisholm Springs Wedding In Edmond

This super chilly Chisholm Spring Wedding in early January was just what we needed to jumpstart our year of Oklahoma wedding photography! Theres always something special about the first wedding of the year and that something at this wedding was that the bride and groom were some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and the fact that I almost froze my flippin’ face off during the outside photos. On the flip side I was so over the moon excited that the bride was even down to step outside in the cold but thankfully it was a  Chisholm Springs wedding and this venue has great wind blocks and cover from the elements so you can step just outside the doors to capture some beautiful images without it looking like you are freezing your butt off.  I always tell my brides that if at all possible we want to go outside to take pictures but on the day of when it’s this cold I gave her the option. She didn’t miss a beat! ‘Lets do it!’ The fun thing is that the grooms don’t ever normally get a choice, they just do whatever the bride chooses. (Smart Guys!) So when she said lets do it that automatically means he is headed out too. In the end it makes for amazing photos & everyone is always happy they did it. Usually there is at least one bridesmaid or groomsman that likes to protest or let me know it’s cold outside just in case I didn’t realize but this wedding was full of troopers!

Take a look at some of my favorites from this Chisholm Springs wedding in Edmond Oklahoma. Also you can see a few from their Shawnee Engagement Session here.  Thanks for reading!

Chisholm Springs Wedding Edmond

Oklahoma Wedding Venue: The Springs – Chisholm Springs Events | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers: Hibben Photography | Wedding Food: Big Truck Tacos

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