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Oklahoma City Family Photography | A Green House Session

We don’t do Oklahoma City family photography at Will Rogers Park very often mainly because its so beautiful that its flooded with photographers. Nothing kills the feeling of a photo more than having another photographer shooting a family in the background of an image. It’s just so beautiful that sometimes you just have to photograph there though. This was one of those times. This family really wanted a green house session & the one at OKC’s Will Rogers Park is flawless. As we started our Oklahoma City family session inside the green house it quickly went from photo session to hang out session. These little ones have more personality in their pinky than I could ever hope to have. From exploring the florals to an impromptu yoga session I had more to photograph than I could have asked for! And don’t even get me started on Fern’s hair! Wow! Pretty sure the photos below show not only beauty and personality but that mom has her hands full. For sure! The best part of the entire session was when fern (the curly haired cutie) asked to take a picture of her own with my camera. I strapped her up and let her go. The results were surprising when I got home. I included a family picture as well as a couple of pictures of flowers she took as the last images on this post. She has a bright future ahead of her!

We usually don’t share our Oklahoma City family photography on the blog but this little family was just a slice of perfection and just to cute not to share with you this afternoon. Over the last few days with all the gloomy rain we have had in Oklahoma could smile as these were on my monitor reminding me that yes, it is in deed almost summer! Check out a few of our favorites below but be warned the cute factor is deadly.

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Oklahoma City Family Phototaphy |

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Photography By Fern Cornett 🙂

will rogers rose gardens

Photography By Fern Cornett 🙂

okc will rogers park

Photography By Fern Cornett 🙂

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