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Baby On The Way! | Oklahoma City Maternity Pictures

We get to know some couples, they get married, & then we never hear from them again. Thats okay but other couples you just click with. Even it we just follow each other on social media its still an opportunity to stay in contact. My favorite though is couples who we get to stick with for years! This is one of those couples. From their engagement to their wedding day to big extended family photos and now with a bun in the oven we have been with the Grantham’s for years now. When Kelly called for maternity pictures we were over the moon excited for them but also for very selfish reasons, they photograph like flippin’ straight up GQ models. For her maternity session she had us head out to the sticks a bit to her parents home. Probably one of the most beautiful pieces of property I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing on. When we did these maternity pictures last week she had four weeks to go before her due date so now we should be sitting at three weeks and counting. I can’t believe how well she was getting around at this stage in the pregnancy. I was already at the ‘no pants, not leaving the house’ stage by this time. I’m so excited for both of them and can’t wait to meet the new addition to their crew. A new baby boy! We are looking forward to photographing you.

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