Our Story


We are Tom & Samantha Hibben, wedding photographers esquire. Many moons ago we met at a mutual friends wedding. Maybe it was the love in the air, maybe it was the liquor in the punch, either way we spent the reception talking. Next came a date then came the rest of our lives together. The iron is not lost on us that now we spend out time photographing weddings for a living! We have 3 stinky boys & a our first little girl on her way now. Our life is pretty adventurous.

Tom’s Story

Before going full time with photography all those years ago I worked in EMS as a medic. My mother has worked in a portrait studio since the early 1990’s as a touch up artist. When I was younger she would take pimples off photos with oil paint on the negatives. So I guess you can say I was raised with photography & photo editing in my home. I enjoy tattoos, vintage anything, & adventures with our cub scouts!

Samantha’s Story

I am from a family of 6, born & raised in Shawnee. Shortly after high school I worked for a portrait studio & thats how I began in photography. I’m a junk queen. I love vintage. From old advertisements to furniture to brass I love it all!