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shawnee oklahoma engagement photography

A Shawnee Oklahoma Engagement Photography Session

Shawnee Oklahoma Engagement Photography Session – This couple is the jam! I’m not sure what more I can say about them. We meet so many awesome couples so when one really stands out you know they are something amazing. They live in Shawnee, our home town, and are amazing members of our little community here. Since our website underwent a facelift I’m having to go back to write these blogs again so I can say, as future Tom, that they are even better than I knew when I did this engagement session at their home here in Shawnee. Now our bride now sits with me on the board of directors for the American Red Cross here helping our community as well as the surrounding towns when bad things happen.

I wasn’t just excited because I got to do an engagement session with a great couple at an amazing house and then get into my car only to realize I’m less than a mile from my home. It was also super beautiful at their house. I love photographing with their home as the backdrop like we did in some of these. It makes for a much better story when you show them to your children years and years down the road.

This bride and groom to be got married at Chisholm Springs Events or The Springs in Edmond Oklahoma on a super chilly January day. Since I’m updating this post I’m happy I can link over to the blog post with their wedding images now! So head over there and check out this couples Chisholm Springs wedding. It was freezing but the photographs turned out so good, you can really see it through and through when a couple lives and breaths each others happiness. Thanks for reading & don’t forget to follow us over on instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest.

Shawnee Oklahoma Engagement Photography

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