Our Story

Meet The Hibben Crew

Family is our life. Family is the reason we are photographers. We love to be around other families. We love to watch families come together. We love family. Here is a little about our family, because getting to know our family is getting to know us.



Samantha is the mom glue of the family. Actually, she is the Hibben Photography glue as well. She started this business on her own over 10 years ago & learned everything on the fly. When there isn't a camera stuck to her face at a wedding there is probably a camera stuck to her face at home snapping photos of little June Bell in some of the most adorable outfits because 3 preteen boys just aren't as fun to dress. Other days she's is neck deep in dirt-covered antiques at estate sales & junk shops. She's kinda the jam Y'all.



Ya know how your dad tells bad jokes in front of your friends & crack himself up so hard he has to sit down? Yeah, that's Tom. It's hard to watch. Tom loves bad movies & good food or maybe its bad food & good movies? Tom is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. You'll be instant friends just you wait and see!

June Bell


June was born in...well...June of 2018. She is our first girl & enjoys the spoils of that position in the family. Some of her favorite things are eating, sleeping, & laughing at us while we change her dirty diaper like she did it just to show us who runs things.


Son / Harry Potter Wand Expert

Jayden is our oldest son. He loves programming, designing his own video games, making custom had made wands for his friends, & easy mac. That kids LOVES some easy mac! Jayden has Aspergers & that not only doesn't hold him back it allows him to excel in many things that he loves doing. All in all, he is a great kid, we've decided to keep him.


Fat Cat

Midnight is kind of butt hole. She is super nice, will say hi, & maybe even let you pet her but ALL on her terms when she feels like it. Sometimes she will even walk up to you, arch her back as if to say ``you may pet me now`` only to walk away with a condescending look on her face when you reach down to pet her.


Fortnight Master

Dean AKA Meano Deano AKA Deano The Destroyer loves fortnight! If I tell you nothing else about him that's enough. Super popular with mass amounts of friends. He is outgoing, charming, & a total madman most of the time. 10 going on 30 he WILL debate you on anything point you make & despite not knowing anything about said point will probably win. I freakin' love this kid.


Animal Whisperer & Nerd King

Zion is awesome. Imagine walking into comic-con & seeing a guy dressed as Luke Skywalker, on his back in a backpack was a large cat with Yoda ears on...that would be Zi. He loves animals. Saying this kid loves animals is really an understatement. He is a pretty stone-cold kid when it comes to affection. Hugs are NEVER given out to us but at night all the animals are told they are loved & given a hug. On top of that, he prides himself in being a nerd! Movies aren't where it's at for him. Movie trivia, facts, behind the scenes footage are all his wheelhouse. He is the funniest person I know.


Lord Charles Stripes III

Charlie is massive, like 25 lbs massive. He does what he wants when he wants & you will love him for it.


Boarder Collie

Annie is probably the only dog we could ever have. She is as neurotic as the rest of us while being more responsible that the kids but somehow still pretty low maintenance for a dog. Get me?

Andre The Dragon

Bearded Dragon

So if you have read Zion's profile then it should not come as too much of a surprise that his name is Andre The Dragon since Andre the Giant was so awesome in The Princess Bride. Any other name for a bearded dragon would be..... inconceivable!!! We are still getting to know Andre but we have established he likes crickets, pooping, & warm temps. Oh, & it looks AWESOME when he snaps up a cricket! That's about all we know so far, follow him on Instagram for more.